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Acupuncture 101: Are you battling shoulder pain?

Acupuncture Regina Sk - HealthWorks Regina
Jan 26th, 2021 Acupuncture Healthworks Regina

Acupunture: Shoulder Pain? Acupuncture can help.

Acupuncture ReginaAre you plagued by pain due to an imbalance? Your shoulder muscles are sore, and you can’t decide which treatment to pursue? You can try various treatments to fix the unease associated with your pain. From physical therapies, ultrasounds, acupuncture, to low-intensity gentle exercises, the variants are many. You can choose to either manage your pain or work your way through the treatment.

What causes shoulder pain?

Many reasons can contribute to shoulder pain. The most common ones are rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, or peri arthritis. Shoulder pain doesn’t last long and goes away on its own. You can opt for different treatments to care for the pain and ease the swelling in your shoulder joints. Because the less you use your shoulder, the more intense your pain will become.

How can Health Works acupuncture help in shoulder pain?

Acupuncture Regina SkHealth Works acupuncture is a treatment that doesn’t involve any drugs. It is widely popular due to its efficacy in treating shoulder pain. Experts claim that acupuncture works by releasing chemicals in the bloodstream which act as pain relievers. The pain signals are intervened and blood is allowed to flow without restraint through the body.

Can acupuncture help you?

Acupuncture is a very safe option for treating shoulder pain. It is also an alternative remedy to or after surgery. Tears in the muscles can be healed with the help of acupuncture. If you prefer surgery for your shoulder pain you can also couple the post-surgery care with acupuncture. Acupuncture in connection with electrical stimulation will help the growth of new tissues. It notably heals the muscles sooner.

Studies on different patients have suggested that acupuncture is highly helpful. They also felt improved joint movements. They later coupled their acupuncture with mild exercises to enhance their range of motion and function.

What should you expect in our acupuncture session?

Acupuncture is synonymous with hair-thin needles poking through the upper epidermis. That is exactly what you will witness in our acupuncture session. Sterile hair-thin needles will penetrate your skin. Our acupuncturist (a person who is trained to practice acupuncture) will decide the pressure points for your pain. The pressure points run along paths through the body. These paths are called meridians and play a pivotal role in the physiological health of the human body.

What is acupuncture?Best Acupuncture Regina

Acupuncture is a useful treatment for shoulder pain. It is anti pharmaceutical drugs and anti surgery.

The human body has over 2000 acupuncture pressure points. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese mapped these points which have now been confirmed by electromagnetic research. The acupuncture points or meridians are linked to the electrical properties of neurotransmitters.

When the needles activate the site for acupuncture, the human body releases endorphins, the pain-relieving hormone. The endorphins offer immediate and long term relief from the pain, and patients feel instant relief. The pain source experiences reduced inflammation, improved motion of joints, and helps boost the immune system.

Good to know:

Done by professionals, acupuncture at Health Works has the potential to treat chronic shoulder pain without hazardous side effects.

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