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Feb 25th, 2021 Healthworks Regina

Acupuncture for sports injuries – how does it help?

Sports acupuncture treatment starts with a general functional assessment and a more detailed assessment of the injured or problem area. One of the major problems the assessment is trying to uncover is muscular inhibition. Musculature that is found to be inhibited is treated with specialized electroacupuncture to restore full muscle function. Nerve supply is also stimulated, including spinal nerves. Soft tissue techniques such as myofascial and Graston style treatments are also incorporated for areas of muscular tightness, spasm or dysfunction.

Ken Ansell is one of only a few practitioners in Western Canada offering specialized sports acupuncture in Regina and regularly has patients travel from other cities and Provinces to receive this acupuncture treatment.

Learn more about how acupuncture helps sports injuries

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UPDATE: the Saskatchewan Health Authority is requiring masking and Covid-19 screening to remain in effect for their facilities. The following measures will remain in effect at HealthWorks:

  1. Patients will continue to be screened for Covid-19 as a part of the appointment process.
  2. Masks are mandatory. All staff and patients are required to wear masks at all times.
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  4. If you feel ANY Covid-19 symptoms or are sick in any way, please contact the clinic at 306-525-0007 BEFORE your attend the clinic for your treatment.
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  6. We will continue enhanced sanitization and disinfection protocols. All contact surfaces are sanitized before and after your treatment.
  7. We will continue physical distancing to maintain your health and safety.
  8. We ask that new patients complete their initial paperwork online prior to arriving for you appointment.
  9. If you are a returning patient, please do not arrive more than a few minutes early.
  10. Hand sanitizing will continue.
  11. We prefer touchless payment options, including direct billing to your insurance providers where possible.

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