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Combat stress with a Relaxation Massage in Regina by HealthWorks

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Sep 30th, 2020 Massage therapy Healthworks Regina

What is a Relaxation Massage and how can it help you?

It is important to understand the importance of relaxation massage in Regina. If you are like a lot of Queen City residents and you feel the everyday stress building up in your body, you might want to give us a call to book a massage session. Our service of relaxation massage in Regina is fully focused on full-body relaxation. Also known as Swedish massage, the main goal of this massage therapy is to ease or to get rid completely of all the negative tensions in your body by using light pressure.

This type of massage usually does not require deep tissues technique like our other therapeutic massages in Regina. This treatment will include a full assessment but is mainly focused on stress reduction and to provide you with a deep feeling of relief and pure relaxation.   

Registered Massage Therapist Regina

Relaxation Massages in Regina are based on the 4 original Swedish techniques

1. Effleurage Technique

This technique is pretty simple, it consists of using long gliding strokes along a selected area of the body. Our Massage Therapist in Regina will alternate between light and more firm pressure sweeping. It will bring you a soothing and relaxing feeling as our experts use the palm, the heel of their hand, their fingers, or even the entire hand to give you a unique relaxation massage experience. This technique will increase your blood flow and prepare you for the next step of your relaxation massage in Regina.

Massage Therapy Regina2. Petrissage Technique

This relaxation massage technique is there to give your muscle a good kneading. It goes deeper into your layer of muscles to help them to enter a relaxed state. In this step of our relaxation massage in Regina, we tend to use fingertips, thumbs, and sometimes even knuckles. This technique is used to squeeze your muscles and prepare them for the next step of your massage. 

3. Friction Technique

The friction technique can help to relax tight spots in your muscles and to relax them while generating heat. This part is still fairly light compared to a therapeutic massage and will most likely not bring any discomfort. For a relaxation massage in Regina, we usually use the heel of the hand on large areas of the body. In a therapeutic massage, we would use knuckles or fingertips to go deeper.


4. Tapotement Technique

This great technique of relaxation massage in Regina is pretty simple and widely recognized. Our therapist will start tapping on the muscles with their hands cupped. Sometimes, our massage therapist will use the side of their hand to loosen the muscles even more. Every client and every treatment is different, we do not always use this technique since it is stimulatory and energizing, which can ruin the relaxation for some and improve it for others.  

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The Benefits Of A Relaxation Massage In Regina

  • It will reduce stress
  • It will ease your muscle tightness
  • It helps with anxiety 
  • It helps with depression
  • Can improve sleep
  • It will reduce pain through endorphin 
  • Reduce your heart rate


HealthWorks is a Regina based clinic that has been offering relaxation massage since 1994. For any questions or additional information, you should call our office at 306-525-0007. While you are talking to us, you could request an appointment for your relaxation massage in Regina today!

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