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Acupuncture in Regina for Muscle Weakness

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Acupuncture for Muscle Weakness

One of the body’s protective mechanisms that allows for healing may actually be hurting your performance long after your injury is healed. Have you been told that your muscles are weak after your injury and they just need to be strengthened? Do you have an imbalance in the muscles and do certain ones need to be strengthened? You continue to faithfully do the exercises that you were prescribed for months but your pain and function restrictions continue? If this sounds like you, maybe it isn’t a muscular weakness but muscular inhibition.

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After an Injury

When you suffer an injury or develop a repetitive use condition, your brain kicks in a protective system that shuts down or limits the amount of activity that a muscle can perform.  It is called muscular inhibition. This is a very useful system that the body uses to help with the healing process. However, after an injury has healed, your brain may not restore full function back to the muscle so the pain and limitations continue. Often it is often misinterpreted as muscle weakness.

Muscular Inhibition

Muscular inhibition will not be corrected with exercise alone. It is a neurological mechanism, not a muscular weakness. The signal from the brain to the muscle needs to be restored back to 100% before full function will return. This is supposed to happen naturally but often it does not, or only partially returns. When the brain begins to send a full signal and fully activate the muscle again then strength returns immediately.

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Acupuncture Solutions in Regina

Thankfully, there is a very specialized acupuncture technique that can help quickly restore the communication between the brain and the muscle. It involves the acupuncturist using an acupuncture needle to stimulate a very specific point where the nerve responsible for movement attaches to the inhibited muscle (motor point). Electro-acupuncture is used to provide a small electrical stimulation to the motor point. Acupuncture, when done by an experience acupuncturist, is highly effective in correcting muscular inhibition. This is because the acupuncture needle can get right down to the motor point and provide very targeted stimulation to that exact point.

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Stimulation of the Nerve

Acupuncture stimulation of the motor point is really targeting the nerve, not the muscle. When the needle reaches the correct point and is stimulated, the nerve will be stimulated and muscle will respond by contracting all of the muscle fibres. It is the targeting of the nerve that makes this motor point treatment highly effective for muscular inhibition.

Immediate Results

The results are noticeable right away. Most people are surprised at how different they feel after this acupuncture treatment in Regina. Exercises begin to work now and strength seems to have miraculously returned. Often only a few acupuncture treatments are needed to get the muscle functioning again. Your physiotherapy, massage therapy and chiropractic treatments can often go much better as well. Many athletes use this technique for increasing their sports performance.

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Acupuncture stimulation of motor points is beneficial for anyone who is dealing with an ongoing injury or does very repetitive work. Athletes, office workers, healthcare workers, or anyone who has suffered an injury and still deals with ongoing pain, reduced function or weakness after the injury has healed. If this sounds like you, consider trying this acupuncture technique or contact us for more information at 306-525-0007.



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