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Sports Acupuncture Regina

Woman athelete flexing her arm

HealthWorks Acupuncture Regina offers a highly specialized form of sports acupuncture that has provided excellent results in athletes of all kinds. From 10 year old Little Leage players to professional football players to competitive bodybuilders.

The sports acupuncture treatment starts with a general functional assessment and a more detailed assessment of the injured or problem area. One of the major problems the assessment is trying to uncover is muscular inhibition. Musculature that is found to be inhibited is treated with a specialized electroacupuncture to restore full muscle function. Nerve supply is also stimulated including spinal nerves. Soft tissue techniques such as myofacial and graston style treatments are also incorporated for areas of muscular tightness, spasm or dysfunction.

Ken is one of only a few practitioners in Western Canada offering this specialized sports acupuncture and regularly has patients travel from other cities and Provinces to receive treatment.

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