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Cupping therapy can be a great addition to your massage therapy treatment to help chronic problems or injuries.

What is Cupping Therapy?

HealthWorks has serving Regina and the Regina area since 1994 and has been offering cupping in since 2016.

The origins date back thousands of years. The true origin remains uncertain but there is documentation from ancient Egyptian medical textbooks dating back to1550 BC. It was developed as an alternative treatment in a pre-scientific culture where the physiological understanding of the body did not exist. It has long been part of traditional Chinese medicine but is now becoming popular in modern medicine, complimentary medicine, physiotherapy, and myofascial release since it’s popularity in the 2016 Olympics.

There are different cupping methods but the typical modern process is called dry cupping. It involves putting a specially designed cup on a person’s skin at an area that has been assessed to a problem area. There are two types of cups, glass cups and the more modern plastic ones with a special valve. The modern ones use a hand pump that creates a vacuum by removing the air inside the cup. Blood and fluid is pulled up into the surface of the skin from the underlying tissues.

At HealthWorks Regina, a typical cupping session will last for 10-15 minutes where the cups are just left in place. Several cups will be put in strategic locations during the therapy. Your therapist will keep an eye on the cups to avoid a rare reaction where blisters form on the skin.

Where areas of the body are painful and inflamed, the effectiveness of cupping is excellent and can significantly benefit the symptoms and help reduce the inflammation. The theory is it reduces congestion, stagnant blood allowing the blood of the body to flow better. The strength of the suction in the cups can vary from light to medium to strong depending on what is being treated.

Another type of cupping is known as moving and is done with oil. The therapist applies the oil to the area, which is often done in conjunction with massage and referred to as a cupping massage. The cup is placed on the skin with light suction, allowing the cup to be moved around on the surface of the skin while maintaining the vacuuminside the cup. The therapist will move the cup around an area, usually in a circular or linear movement. It can also be done in combination with leaving some cups in place. The treatment time tends to be up to 1/2 hour but will be based upon what your condition needs.

Chinese cupping is typically added to and done in conjunction with your massage therapy treatment, sometimes with myofascial release, and is part of the overall treatment time. If you receive a 30 minute massage and 15 minutes of cupping, you will be billed a total treatment time of 45 minutes.

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Chinese Cupping Therapy in Regina

  • Increases blood flow
  • Pain management
  • Scar tissue reduction
  • Nervous system benefits
  • Women’s health
  • Deep tissue tightness relief
  • Reduce symptoms of rheumatic diseases

The treatment will tend to leave temporary round marks on the surface of the skin that look like a purplish bruise. This happens because blood from blood vessels and the tissues below is pulled up into the patient’s skin, the same as getting a bruise. It is however contraindicated with hemophiliacs and people with similar diseases.

Cupping treatment should also be avoided with skin infections and on any unhealthy or damaged areas on the surface of the skin, including noticeable areas where the skin itself is inflamed, damaged or sunburned. Skin diseases and many skin conditions are also contraindicated. The health benefits are many, but as with any treatment, there are some possible side effects.

  • Bruising and discoloration of the skin
  • Possible discomfort in the skin or muscles in the area where the cup was applied
  • Blisters and skin infections are extremely rare but is a possibility.

Chinese Cupping Treatment

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