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Reduce inflammation and heal faster with cold therapy treatment



Cold rush cryo cuff machine, with a patient receiving treatment in the background

HealthWorks now stocks Ossur Cold Rush Cryo Cuff Cold Therapy systems. We have the largest number of Cold Rush machines available for rent in Regina we almost always have one in stock when you need one.

We rent Cold Rush machines for a 3 week rental and extra weeks if you need them. Don’t pay for weeks that you do not need!!

What is Cold Therapy?

Cold therapy is often prescribed after surgery. They Cold Rush cryo cuff  provides an effective and soothing treatment for reducing swelling and pain after surgery or injury. Well-suited for in hospital, home, or portable use, a Cold Rush cryocuff with correct pad, delivers continuous cold therapy to the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, back or any other area that you need. We can help you return to normal activity faster by providing cooling relief throughout the healing and recovery process.

We have the following pads available:

Cold Rush Hip Pad
Cold Rush Shoulder Pad
Cold Rush Knee Pad
Cold Rush Ankle Pad
Cold Rush Universal Pad
Other specialized Cold Rush Pads are available

Contact Healthworks Regina or call 306-525-0007 to arrange your Ossur Cold Rush cryo cuff rental, purchase, or have your questions answered.

Call HealthWorks at 306-525-0007 to arrange your Cold Rush rental or purchase, or to have your questions answered.


Cold Rush pickup hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm
After 5 and weekend pickup available by calling 306-596-1866

Cold Rush Cryocuff

Rental & Purchasing Fees

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Rental of Ossur Cold Rush unit

$79.99 for 3 weeks, $25.99 for each additional week
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Pads are NOT rented due to sanitary reasons. They are purchased for your individual use and are yours to keep.

$89.99 each
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Purchase of Cold Rush Unit



Contact Healthworks to arrange your Cold Rush Therapy System today. View videos and testimonials to find out how cold therapy treatments have helped others return to normal activity.


Cold Rush Cryocuff

The Cold Rush Therapy System is available with a variety of ergonomically engineered Cold Rush Pads designed to deliver continuous cold therapy to the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, back or hand. The unique covering on the top portion of the Cold Rush Pads allows for use of hook and loop elastic straps to secure the Cold Rush Pad in place. It has the highest ice-to-water ratio, is whisper quiet so patients can get the rest they need and it provides up to 6 hours of Cold Rush relief.

After an injury or surgery, the body’s natural response is to produce inflammation of the injury or area that was operated on. Inflammation consists of swelling, warmth, redness, and pain in the area. Ice has been used for many years to control inflammation. The regular use of ice or cold after an injury or surgery, known as cold therapy (aka cryo physical therapy or cryotherapy), can significantly reduce inflammation and assist in faster recovery times.

Cold Rush Cryocuff

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