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Relaxation and therapeutic massage therapy in Regina


Massage Therapy

HealthWorks has been providing professional massage therapy in Regina since 1994, and since 2000 in our Regina General Hospital location.

Massage therapy can be divided into two main categories; relaxation and therapeutic. All of our registered massage therapists in Regina are trained in both, and are members of the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan. Your initial visit will include the completion and review of a confidential patient history form.

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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage can be defined as the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal problems using a various array of specialized massage therapy techniques. The treatment will begin with an assessment of your condition and a treatment plan will be created based upon your specific problem and needs.

If your condition involves the deeper musculature, some of the massage treatment will consist of deeper, sometimes uncomfortable techniques. This is necessary to reach and help correct problems in that deeper musculature. Your massage therapist may also show you several stretching techniques or exercises to help in your recovery. Ice or heat or other techniques may be recommended or used to assist in your rehabilitation.

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Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage, or Swedish as it is sometimes called, consists mainly of four soothing techniques designed to promote muscular relaxation, increased circulation, reduce mental and physical stress, and create a feeling of well-being. Your massage therapist may also show you some stretching techniques to help in your daily life as well.

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Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a very effective, yet gentle, specialized massage treatment that stretches and releases restricted connective tissue, helps correct movement dysfunctions and relieves pain. Although similar to therapeutic massage, myofascial release (MFR) is done without lotion and using a different style and different techniques. It can be a beneficial treatment for fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.

The primary focus of this technique is the body’s fascial system. In a healthy state, the fascia helps maintain the body’s posture through the balance of tension and elasticity. Injury or inflammation can cause the fascia to lose some of its elasticity or become adhered to other tissues. This can put undue tension on muscles, bones, joints, nerves and other structures. This results in pain and postural, structural and muscular problems.

In order for myofascial release treatments to be effective, the minimum time booked for an MFR treatment is one hour.

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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy combines massage techniques with the thermal benefits of heated volcanic stones. Water heated basalt stones are used for their excellent heat retention. They are used either to massage the body or are placed on specific areas of the body. The direct heat of the stones helps to increase circulation to the tissues, relax muscle tightness, reduce stress and tension, promote relaxation, and help relieve pain. Hot stones can be part of a relaxing massage treatment or therapeutic massage

HealthWorks has some of the best massage therapists in Regina to provide you with the relaxation treatments and specialized massage techniques you need.

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Treatment Fees

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Initial Assessment & Treatment

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Massage Therapy FAQ

Yes, myofascial release is covered by most insurance companies, and we can provide direct billing.

There are some differences between conventional massage therapy and MFR. During massage the therapist kneads and strokes muscles to alleviate stress and tension. Usually an oil or lotion is used to aid a gliding pressure motion. MFR concentrates on specific areas to loosen and lengthen the fascia to relax contracted muscles and improve circulation. No lubricant is used so the therapist can accurately feel and manipulate the fascia.

In most cases myofascial release isn’t painful with a skilled therapist but it may be uncomfortable. There are different levels of this muscle release massage therapy depending on the issue being treated, from very light work to deeper release techniques to stretch and lengthen the fascia.

This depends on the issue that you’re addressing. If it’s stress, then a relaxation massage can be helpful every few weeks or once a month. If you’re dealing with a sports injury or chronic pain, then a therapeutic or myofascial release massage a few times a week can promote faster healing and comfort. Our registered massage therapists in Regina can recommend a treatment plan for massage frequency and duration of massage to suit your condition.

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Your initial visit will include the completion and review of a confidential patient history form. Your massage therapist will discuss any injuries or medical conditions with you before the session begins. You may feel a degree of discomfort on tense areas or with deep tissue massage and myofascial release treatment. Your therapist will check with you that the level of pressure is comfortable for you.

Regular massage can help sciatica pain by relaxing tight trunk, core, and lower back muscles to ease pressure on the sciatic nerve. Massage also promotes the circulation of blood, oxygen, and other nutrients to the sore area to promote healing.

Using massage for back pain is a safe and effective way to ease symptoms. According to Web MD, this study reported that “after 10 weeks, participants in both massage groups [said they had] greater average improvements in pain and functioning compared to those in the usual care group.”

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Regular relaxation massage therapy can help reduce stress by calming the nervous system and lowering blood pressure. Massage can also be used to ease muscle pain and stiffness, strengthen the immune system and boost overall health and wellness. Therapeutic massage can treat specific conditions, such as arthritis, sciatica, sports injuries, as well as chronic pain.

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