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Myofascial release massage for injuries and chronic pain conditions


Myofascial Release

Myofascial release can be a very effective form of treatment to address stubborn chronic problems or injuries that have not responded well to other forms of treatment.

What is Myofascial Release (MFR)?

Myofascial release (MFR) is a type of manual muscle release massage therapy targeted at the tissue known as ‘fascia’. It is designed to reduce restrictions and improve the overall health of the fascia. Fascia release benefits include: relaxing of the muscles and muscle groups, improving mobility, correcting posture and also breaking up scar tissue with the goal of providing long term correction and relief.

MFR is similar to therapeutic massage  in that the techniques are applied directly to the body, but it also differs in many ways. Whereas lotion is applied in a therapeutic massage treatment, myofascial release massage uses no lotion. It incorporates slow, sustained, often deeper pressure to target the fascia. The techniques help to lengthen and reorganize the tight tissues for improved movement and to restore proper function to the fascia.

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Myofascial Release

Yes, myofascial release is covered by most insurance companies, and we can provide direct billing.

There are some differences between conventional massage therapy and MFR. During massage the therapist kneads and strokes muscles to alleviate stress and tension. Usually an oil or lotion is used to aid a gliding pressure motion. MFR concentrates on specific areas to loosen and lengthen the fascia to relax contracted muscles and improve circulation. No lubricant is used so the therapist can accurately feel and manipulate the fascia.

In most cases myofascial release isn’t painful with a skilled therapist but it may be uncomfortable. There are different levels of this muscle release massage therapy depending on the issue being treated, from very light work to deeper release techniques to stretch and lengthen the fascia.

This depends on the issue that you’re addressing. If it’s stress, then a relaxation massage can be helpful every few weeks or once a month. If you’re dealing with a sports injury or chronic pain, then a therapeutic or myofascial release massage a few times a week can promote faster healing and comfort. Our registered massage therapists in Regina can recommend a treatment plan for massage frequency and duration of massage to suit your condition.

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Myofascial Release Treatment

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